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Destructor36 - Original by Syclonix

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Alchemy apparati must be placed in the game world to make potions

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At Home Alchemy - Redux
This mod is an adapted version of Syclonix's "At Home Alchemy". Originally created as a component of needs mod "The Bare Necessities" (, it is no longer required for new versions of that mod and will now be hosted on this page.
Like the original mod, this version allows the player to interact with alchemy apparati in the game world to craft potions without having to pick them up.
Unlike the original, this version REQUIRES the player to place apparati in the world to activate them; they are no longer accessible at all from the inventory.
This mod also extends these changes to the skooma pipe alembics that were omitted from the original mod.
This mod will not affected new mod-added alchemical apparati without a patch.
- Syclonix