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Makes Chargen faster, less annoying, more RP friendly, and improves the Census building. No more tutorial messages. No steal start.

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 Better Chargen by helswake

It's a single .ESP file, you can figure it out.


DESCRIPTION: A Simple Improvement for Character Generation
- Improved the Census & Excise building to be more "office" like.
- Removed all tutorial messages.
- No more forced stealing.
- Starting weather is thunderstorm.

The point of this mod is to make chargen quicker, roleplay-friendly, and improve the feeling of making a new character.

To make things faster, smoother, and less annoying, the tutorial messages have been removed (because we all know how to play Morrowind). I also sped up the walking speed of the boat guard on the way out, and I removed the need to walk around the Census & Excise office/go outside/get the ring; now you just get your papers, talk to Gravius about duties, and leave.

To improve roleplay, The Census & Excise building has been much improved to feel more "office-like" and remove the "steal everything from that room" beginning that we're all familiar with. The player is no longer left unguarded and encouraged to steal items, and you can't get the limeware platter or any of the good stuff without breaking in. You also cannot use magic, jump, or fight until chargen is over. When you leave the office, you will receive a brief flavor-text message indicating that chargen is over and all of your abilities are now available (map, fighting, magic, journal, etc.)

Yes, this means that, by design, all you get when you start a character is a set of common clothes and 87 gold (and the Engraved Ring of Healing if you wish to grab it).

The starting weather is also changed to be a thunderstorm, since that's literally what the weather is in the intro when Jiub is waking you up, and to have it suddenly be clear outside kind of breaks the continuity of cinematic to game.


I would have liked to make the Imperial Prison Ship more... prisony, but I felt it just wasn't that important since it disappears after you enter the Census building anyway.


COMPATIBILITY: This is a list of what this mod changes. As long as it doesn't modify the chargen scripts or the Census & Excise cells, it should be compatible.
- Chargen scripts
- Seyda Need, Census & Excise Office
- Seyda Need, Census & Excise Warehouse

The ESP has been cleaned to the best of my ability, no GMSTs or dirty refs.