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Adds a small village just outside of Tel Fyr.

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  • Polish
French Translation at: www.Confrerie des

This mod is the first in a series of mods i intend to make, populating different areas of Vvardenfell.

The Village of Tel Fyr basically adds a small village on the grounds of Lord Divayth.
First i simply wanted to add a boatman back to the docks, since bethesda somehow decided not to, which makes no sense since the tower gains a lot of travellers seeking to rid themselves of corprus. It quickly evolved into a village in it's own right.
It's nothing too extensive, as i would think Divayth moved out here to conduct his experiments in seclusion. Yet i always thought it was a bit too bare, even for a telvanni tower.

The Village contains a Tradehouse, one alchemist, one armorer, a shipmaster and a couple of common houses.
A couple of guards have been added to protect the tower from the hostile wildlife.
A new dock with a shipmaster was added to minimize conflicts with other mods that add upon the old boat and dock, such as LGNPC.
The Shipmaster can take you to Tel Aruhn, Sadrith Mora and back.
The Tower itself have been left unchanged.

Should be compatible with everything that doesn't change the area directly outside of the tower.
Be sure to load AFTER Morrowind Rebirth if using it.

1.5: Balanced the merchants initial money Alchemist now has around 800, and trader 120 rather than 40.000. Added New Armorer.
Cleaned with TES3CMD

Be sure to ask me if you want to know anything.
As always im open to new suggestions on what to do next.
Endorse if you like it, cheers.