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A Player owned stronghold for use as an extensive artifact museum.

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French Translation at: www.Confrerie des

This mod adds a new player owned Redoran-styled stronghold just west of Gnisis and the Vabdas' Farm, by the name of Ald Omaynia. It contains trading services, a watchtower, a siltstrider port and a manor with an extensive private museum.

The trading services include(currently): A smith and A pawnbroker on the outside. An Alchemist, Temple Shrine and Imperial Cult Altar inside the Tower.
The Temple monk offers spellmaking, whilst the Imperial priest offers enchanting.

The Siltstrider caravaner can transport you to four different places, of personal choosing, and back. Vivec, Balmora, Sadrith Mora and Ghostgate.

The Manor contains two cells. The Manor itself and the Grand Artifact Museum. The Manor area currently contains a Savant and two guards at the entrance, a hall with a small Library section and a small Private Quarters with storage. The crates and chests have been "upgraded" to be able to hold a lot more loot than the regular ones.

The Museum is located farther in the lower parts of the manor. It contains extensive halls, two different areas in total, for display of your favourite items and artifacts.

The mod itself is primairly for use of Redoran Players as an alternate stronghold for Bal Isra, but may be used by anyone.

Disclaimer: For people that are still wondering, Artifacts feutured in the pictures does not come with the mod. You gotta go out there and collect them all yourself to fill up your own museum.

Changelog 12/04/16
A new ESP have been added with some extra content, namely a whole new Exhibit Hall and extra storage, feutured in the image gallery. This version requires Tamriel Rebuilt.
Only use ONE esp at a time.
If updating with an old save game, be sure to use Wrye Bash and remove all the content from containers.

Mod has been Cleaned with TES3CMD

Ald Omaynia should be compatible with almost everything.
Morrowind Rebirth might or might not add some trees that might obstruct some parts of the stronghold, but those can easily be disabled by using Console commands. There are also some landscaping rifts if used with Rebirth.

Future updates might include a redone and extended Library and private quarters aswell as visitors to the museum itself.
If you have any questions at all feel free to ask.