Mora Stada by John Meckem
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Mora Stada is a town East of Tel Branora. It can be reached from a boat in Sadrith Mora.
I was never happy with the lacking ability to display my treasures, or have a place of my own. Each of the Strongholds built for the houses, did not suit my needs either. Even with mods that greatly improve them, I was still not happy. So I sat down a few years ago, and decided what I wanted most in a town. And Mora Stada was born. There are not quests, or anything like that. It was just made for me to have my own place that I liked.
Shops are a trader, alchemist, enchanter, and mage.
There is a tavern, in the form of The Dancing Guar.
3 homes, and 2 manors, as well as a guard quarters and tower also are found in Mora Stada.
The tower itself has a smith, ingredient sorter, treasure room, and a cavern dungeon.
The upper tower houses faction members ready to sign you up, or direct you towards where you can join.
The Masters Quarters are all yours.