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The Forested Reside is a great Player Home for most all types of people of Tamriel. It includes a cozy living area, with a dining area, desk, personal container, and bed, with decor.  There is a trap door that leads t the main under carriage of the home. This area has LOTs of storage, and an alchemy station, AND even a teleporter to Balmora.
       The Forested Reside can be found on the small landmass next to the Vivec temple, Ascadian Isles, 2, -14. There is a picture that shows the location on the map.------------------------------------
  Simply download this mod, Then drag the "Bagel's House Mod" Intoyour Morrowind Directories Data Files folder. Then launch Morrowind, click Data Files,and enable "Bagel's House Mod". Easy!