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A nice texture replacer for candles.

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I stumbled across this small candle mod that AnOldFriend posted to the Bethesda forums long ago. I was very impressed with the textures and how it remained lore-friendly and pluginless. Basically it gives the wax a more realistic texture (in vanilla the candles seem too smooth, which makes no sense for a burning candle). This looks amazing with Vibrant Morrowind and/or Morrowind Texture Pack.

This is not the same as other versions of this mod you may find out there!!! The original version had some issues with some of the meshes referencing the wrong names for textures, which would cause errors in-game. I have fixed those meshes, in addition to other changes listed below.

This does not alter all candles at this time and I cannot promise I will add the others in the future (mostly because I know very little about creating meshes), so if someone would like to help out, that would be appreciated. See the technical details below.

Uploaded with permission from AnOldFriend.


Archive is BAIN-friendly. Otherwise, just dump everything from the archive to your "Data Files" folder. Couldn't be easier.


Obviously this will conflict with any mod which replaces the same candles. Out of the hundreds of mods I use, I especially noticed that Vibrant Morrowind replaces the exact same candle meshes as this does, so install this after (you should always install individual texture replacers after full texture packs anyway).

Version History

0.2 -- Added "tan" wax texture (I just used AOF's existing red wax texture and recolored it in Photoshop) and two more candle meshes.

0.1 -- AOF's original mod with fixed meshes.


AnOldFriend did all the work and deserves all the credit for this mod. I simply got his permission to upload this fixed version.


As this mod is not originally mine, I cannot give you permission to use it. AnOldFriend gave me permission to "fix, change, modify however you wish, and upload if you wish" but that should not be construed as giving permission to the entire community unless he says so himself. If you want to integrate this into your own mod contact AnOldFriend. For myself and the few changes I have made, I don't care what you do with it. This isn't something I put much time into; I just liked it and thought it deserved to be resurrected.

Technical Details

This replaces several of the tabletop candle meshes. Most of the ones that will appear on desks and dressers with long candlesticks. Specifically, the following meshes are replaced:

Light_Com_Candle_02.nif (I copied this from 03 using the tan wax added in version 0.2)
Light_Com_Candle_09.nif (I copied this from 10 using the tan wax added in version 0.2)
Light_Com_Candle_15.nif (doesn't appear in the vanilla game or addons AFAIK)

The following short candlestick meshes aren't done yet, but could all use the same mesh model:


The following meshes don't have candlesticks but are all similar to each other (other than wax color):


If the above meshes are ever complete, then all the common candles will be done. There are others to tackle of course, such as 6th house candles, chandeliers, etc. But since this uses the same texture names as the vanilla game, that means that even the meshes which haven't been updated will use the same wax textures (for the colors which have been done as per the screenshots).