Tel Morgana by Ferian
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Added: 19/11/2015 - 01:26PM
Updated: 10/12/2015 - 06:54PM

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Last updated at 18:54, 10 Dec 2015 Uploaded at 13:26, 19 Nov 2015

Tel Morgana

by Ferian

Version 1.11


This mod adds a Telvanni town located on an island in the north of Sheogorad region. It consists of large tower with underground area, East Empire Company building, Companions' mead hall, guard tower, port area, lighthouse, 4 shacks, 2 taverns and over 30 house pods. There's some hidden stuff in the tower and ring that allows to teleport around the tower, but it's unobtainable without Tel Morgana key.


Moraheim - 3x4 cells island east of Solstheim.
Tel Morgana - your personal tower with library, skill trainers, merchants, enchanter.
Treasury - lots of chests, display cases, mannequins and a shrine with useful blessing.
Port Area - allows traveling to Telvanni settlements on Vvardenfell, Dagon Fel and Ebonheart.
Daedric Ruins - a ruined shrine to Hermaeus Mora.
Boathouse - made from a shipwreck with it's very own teleportation ring.
Bone Armor - balanced enchanted set of armor hidden throughout the tower.
Morag Tong Grandmaster's Armor - set of armor obtainable only after becoming the Grandmaster of the Morag Tong.


Just drop and overwrite files to your Data Files folder.


Delete esp file and Morgana folder from your Meshes, Textures, Icons and Sound folders.


Version 1.11 should be compatible with everything.


Plans for next release
Morgana is my first big mod and it took over 4 months to finish it. For the next release of the mod I'm planing to add quests which will take place around Solstheim and some underground dwemer ruins, but I don't have an idea when it'll be finished.


1.11, 10/12/2015 - Another compatibility patch and some bug fixes.
1.10, 08/12/2015 - Solstheim Overhaul compatibility patch.
1.00, 19/11/2015 - Initial release.


Siberiancrab for Telvanni lighthouse.
Millinghordesman for Necro armor.
Alaisiagae for Morag Tong armor.
Rattfink333 for Morag Tong Cuirass fix.
Melchior Dahrk for Telvanni trapdoor.
Stuporstar for Telvanni coffers.
Petiboy for Telvanni flags.
Indigo and Chron Ventri for Display cases.
Tamriel Rebuilt Team for Many meshes and textures.