Cliffracer Replacer by PeterBitt and Pherim
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Cliffracer Replacer

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This is a mesh and texture replacer for the Cliffracer creature.
Modelled around the vanilla Cliffracer mesh this has very similar proportions like the original model created by Bethesda. The texture was created with the intention to fit the coloring and style of the original game. Both texture and mesh are made from scratch.
For the animations Pherim rigged the mesh to the original skeleton to make it use the original animations.
This replacer is far from perfect at the moment, the creation was a learning experience. At some point we intent to improve some stuff but it will take a while or maybe never happen.


1. copy the content of this archive in your Morrowind folder


Please respect the effort that went into this and the fact that I freely share it - Please don't upload this anywhere else. Please dont edit texture or model. Please don't include this in any compilation mods.
Please simply don't do anything to it without asking me, except for personal use of course. Thanks!