Dwemer Ruins Retexture by Mikeandike
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Added: 08/11/2015 - 11:03PM
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Last updated at 23:02, 8 Nov 2015 Uploaded at 23:03, 8 Nov 2015

This is a small texture pack that modifies the look and feeling of all Dwemer ruins. It draws inspiration to how Dwemer Ruins are approached in ESO and Skyrim without feeling all generic fantasy Dwarf (The excessive use of stone). It should be compatible with most Dwemer ruin mods unless they add their own unique meshes and textures.

Drag the "Textures" Folder into your "Data Files" Directory of your Morrowind folder. Merge and Replace any files when prompted.

Open your Textures folder and delete anything with the prefix of "TX_DWRV_" Alternatively, you can just find the Dwemer replacer you were using before and install over it.