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1. Allows both sexes to romance Ahnassi,
2. Provides a teleport device to Ahnassi's house once the two of you have pledged 'Eternal Love', and
3. Makes Ahnassi's home more functional.

Permissions and credits
Name: Smooth Moves - Romancing Ahnassi
Version: 4.0
Author: Curmudgeon
Requires: Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm, Bloodmoon.esm

***A. "Smooth Moves" was made to:***

1. Allow both sexes to romance Ahnassi,

2. Provide a teleport device to Ahnassi's house once the two of you have pledged 'Eternal Love', and

3. Make Ahnassi's home more functional.


1. Ahnassi is a female Khajiit thief who hangs out in the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad. In the un-modded game she can be romanced by males only. In this mod both sexes can enjoy the romance. The title "Smooth Moves" is her compliment to you once your agility reaches 50, when you can begin the romance. (It is the title I used for this mod when I made the first iteration of it from scratch nearly a decade ago.)

2. Upon completing the Romance, you will receive "Eternal Love", a diamond used as a teleporting device which will return you to Ahnassi's ever-loving arms.

3. Once you have been invited into Ahnassi's home, you can use a small, but highly functional sub-basement reached through a trap-door. It contains the requisite alchemy lab, some WYSIWYG storage, a soul gem upgrader, a security practice box, etc., etc.


Activate this mod BEFORE beginning the romance by talking to Ahnassi at Agility >= 50.

This mod alters one Pelagiad cell by adding smoke to the chimney of Ahnassi's house and a script to its door. Keep the key that she gives you.

It also modifies the interior of Ahnassi's house quite a bit.

"Smooth Moves" has been cleaned with TESAME.
There are no new Icons, Meshes, or Textures.
The IDs of all new elements in the plugin include 'SMR'.

***C. FAQ***

Q: I lost the teleporter. What do I do now?
A: Open the console: player -> AddItem, "A1SMR_TeleAhnassi", 1

Q: No screenshots?
A: Sorry, for some obscure technical reason my Japanese keyboard, Japanese OS laptop won't oblige. A lot of words will have to suffice for now.


To thefunkyone for the door script
To Reznod for original 'Trashcan' script
To 0001 for the basis of Security Practice script
To Rolach and kwshipman for the alchemy ingredient sorter scripts

To Bethesda Game Studios, Morrowind Nexus, Morrowind Modding History ...
To the makers of TESAME, TESTool, WryeMash, ...

Feel free to ransack this plugin for whatever you want to use.
A mention in the credits of your ReadMe would be appreciated.