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House of Tapestries v1.9

By: HeadlessWonder

1. Description/Use
2. Installation
3. Important Changes from v1.8
4. Known Issues
5a. Credits
5b. Special Credits
6. Contact and Usage


PLEASE NOTE: This mod is quite old and may conflict with any number of mods that change the layout of Caldera. Installation with conflicting mods may result in clipping or shop accessibility issues.

This mod adds a shop just inside the north entrance of Caldera that sells 200 tapestries in a variety of genres. These tapestries are self-hanging and may be placed while in-game wherever the player chooses. It also adds books in which you can see  a corresponding thumbnail of each available tapestry before you purchase.

Also sold at the shop are several pieces of original Bethesda expensive clothing and miscellaneous items.

To use the tapestries:

After purchase, they will remain in your inventory until you drag them out and drop them onto the ground. When dropped, they will hang suspended in
midair until you press the space bar to put them back into your inventory.



To install, unzip the compressed file into your Morrowind/Data Files directory.


The original was a mess! It was my very first public release a decade or so ago. The terrible clipping has been fixed. The shop has done very well, so it has undergone renovations. Some containers have changed. The shopkeep's true identity has been revealed and her companion has joined her! If you are using an older version (which is a frightening thought), please backup your save game and data files before installing the update.


As of this writing, the only known issue is the placement of tapestries when standing on a second story surface. Sometimes, the tapestry will open on that level instead of ground level. In order to correct  this, simply look at the ground as you place the tapestry.

If you encounter any other bugs, please contact me.

This mod may conflict with any others that expand Caldera.


  • Tapestries - Smight Plight for the nifty meshes; myself for the textures; Skydye for a lovely overlay, RedwoodTreeSprite for the Asian Prints (please see below for artist credits)
  • Peasant Gown - Robearberbil for the mesh, Korana for the textures and Neuman for the pattern (from Neuman's Black Leather II")
  • Merchant Sandals - Dereko for the mesh, myself for the texture
  • Merchant Hair and Ears - MEL Hair Pack
  • Merchant Face - Rhedd for base mesh, myself for mesh alterations and texture
  • Dragar Journal - Bethesda for the meshes, base texture from Visual Pack 2.11 (Zuldazug, Raptre and Lord Gabryael), myself for the texture alterations and content pages
  • Dragar Hair - Westly's Master Head Pack
  • Dragar Face - Rhedd for the mesh, myself for the custom texture
  • Catalogues - Bethesda for the meshes, base texture from Visual Pack 2.11 (Zuldazug, Raptre and Lord Gabryael), myself for the texture alterations and content pages
  • Guard - Bethesda for the clothing and armor, Better Heads for the head and hair mesh, myself for the custom face texture

And of course, thanks to Bethesda for the building pieces, furniture, miscellaneous items, and for creating such a wonderful game.

If I've forgotten anything, please let me know so that accurate credit can be given. :)


[email protected]

I'm redwoodtreesprite at The Elder Scrolls Forums (Feel free to PM me there.)

Important Usage Note on these textures:

I was given special permission to use these textures in specific projects of mine from many very kind art print owners. With the exception of the prints beginning with MasterGraphique_, Black_, JB_ and YM_, you cannot use the textures in your projects. Also, while the MasterGraphique_ textures can be used in your Morrowind projects, they can't be placed in texture compilations.


You may not alter or distribute altered files without express permission from its authors.

Feel free to distribute this mod, intact, wherever you like, giving credit to each author included, with the exception that you or anyone else will profit monetarily. Under no circumstance may you sell or make any monetary profit from any content contained in this mod.

Please note that this mod used to be free of restrictions for usage and distribution, however, changes within the modding community have given rise to
stricter permissions.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to do so.  I do not provide much support for old mods, but you can still reach me via PM at:

Nexus Mods as headlesswonder

Elder Scrolls forum as HeadlessWonder[/left]