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Generate groundcover for custom landmasses.

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Groundcover Generation Repackage
by Noteless

Yacoby for the MW Mesh Generator.
Vurt for the Morrowind Groundcover texture and mesh assets.
Muspila/Worsas for the Asura's Coast Grass Mod assets.
Ozzy for the grass assets.

This is a packaging of several artist's grass assets along with the required utility and configuration files to allow one to generate grass plugins for non-vanilla landmasses.  I claim no ownership of the assets and the utility included in this package.  My work is only seen in the (poor) documentation and (probably also poor) configuration file creation.

Place into Morrowind/ directory.

1.Run Grass.exe in Morrowind/grass_gen
2.Set the 'Settings Location' to a grass generation .ini.
Grass generation configs can be found in the Config folder organized
by the author of the original grass plugin used as reference.
3.Set 'Morrowind Location' to your Morrowind/ directory
4.Change 'Output File' to whatever name you like
5.Load your plugins and masterfiles you wish to use to generate grass
6.a) Change Z Offset to 6 if using vurt ini files
   b) Change Z Offset to -18 if using muspila (Asura's coast) ini files
7.Click the Generate button

If the utility crashes follow my Tips&Tricks and retry generation.


When generating grass use only one or two plugins/masters at a time.  This will generate grass forall the cells that the plugin contains.  When two plugins generate grass in the same cell you willneed to manually delete the grass in the shared cells of the esp/esm whose landscape data is overwritten.  A detailed guide as to what that entails is coming soon (hopefully).

For now an example:  
Generate grass for morrowind.esm (main_grass.esp)
Generate grass for Vitality's Ascadian Isles mod (secondary_grass.esp)
Open the secondary_grass.esp in TES Construction set and copy down the cells that grass was generated in. Do not save this file.
Open the main_grass.esp in TESCS and delete every cell that you wrote down in the previous step.  Save this file.
(Optional) Merge the main_grass.esp and secondary_grass.esp into one grass.esp.

If crashing still occurs, try generating grass for as few regions as possible one-at-a-time.

Things to do:
Write-up a comprehensive grass generation guide.
Configure a grass generation .ini for Ozzy's grass.
Figure out why the hell the utility crashes so frequently.