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"Completed" provides:
1. a lore-friendly way to find out about all of the 'Threads',
2. a way to to return them to Mephala (as Eno Hlaalu's dialogue implies),
3. a useful home for the Morag Tong's Grandmaster, and
4. an increase in the difficulty of the writs and sanguine items quests.

Permissions and credits
Name: Threads of the Webspinner Completed
Version: 3.1
Author: Curmudgeon
Requires: Morrowind.esm, Tribunal.esm, Bloodmoon.esm
Recommended: Vegtabill's Threads of the Webspinner (

***A. "Completed" was made to:***

 1. Provide a lore-friendly way to find out about all of the 'Threads',
 2. Provide a way to to return them to Mephala (as Eno Hlaalu's dialogue implies),
 3. Provide a useful home for the Morag Tong's Grandmaster, and
 4. Increase the difficulty of the writs and sanguine items quests.

1. A note by Eno Hlaalu containing instructions from Mephala can be found in the Grandmaster's bedroom. It directs you to all of the holders of Sanguine items. To gain access to it you must become Grandmaster of the Morag Tong by assassinating Eno Hlaalu in the traditional manner, NOT by allowing him to retire or killing him before reaching the requisite rank in the Morag Tong. Otherwise, Mephala will kill you and end your game.
I encourage you to use this mod with Vegtabill's Threads of the Webspinner.

Vegtabill's mod will give you the information necessary to find the Threads before becoming Grandmaster. It is completely compatible with "Completed" and allowed me to remove some dialogue edits from version 2.1. Now "Completed" does not edit any original game dialogue (only adding dialogue for the new vendors).

2. Once you have become Grandmaster and have all 27 'Threads' you can proceed to "Mephala's Ordeal" and return the 'Threads' to her to complete the quest. Survive the "Ordeal" and Mephala will allow you to choose one of the following rewards:

 - "The Ebony Blade". If you think that the other items are overpowered, choose "The Ebony Blade". Its enchantment and script are as faithful to Elder Scrolls lore as I could make them.
 - Belt with +10 CE for each of the 9 combat-related skills.
 - Belt with +10 CE for each of the 9 magic-related skills.
 - Belt with +10 CE for each of the 9 stealth-related skills.
**The belts also have very small Restore Health, Magicka, and Fatigue enchantments.

During the ordeal you will also be able to pick up the following items:
 - Ring with 50% CE chameleon.
 - Artifact which will teleport you to 64 different locations in Vvardenfell, Mournhold, and Solstheim. (Do NOT use it during the ordeal. You will DIE.)
 - Bow that conjures its own (poison) arrows.

 + If you think that these items are overpowered, don't pick them up (though you may find them very useful to survive the "Ordeal").

The "Ordeal" is difficult but considerably toned down from previous versions. You will need to move fast, have an effective ranged attack, and be able both to levitate and to conceal yourself. Perfect the skills of a Morag Tong assassin: Marksman, Short Blade, Light Armor, Sneak, Acrobatics, and Illusion. The spell Calm Humanoid can also come in handy against those pesky archers in particular. Traders in the Masters' Annex give you some hints.
Once you begin the "Ordeal" by entering "Mephala's Web", there is no way out short of success. 'Recall' out of the Web, Almsivi Intervention, Divine Intervention, mod-made teleport items -- none of these will allow you to escape. You can use Mark and Recall within the Web, but doors between stages are disabled as you progress, so 'Recall' to a previous stage is pointless.

Make an archive save before entering Mephala's Web. There is no penalty for taking all the time you need to prepare. Indeed, the ordeal is OPTIONAL. However, ten different dreams sent by Mephala will disturb your sleep until you collect all the threads and and enter Mephala's Web. An altar functions as a door to the Web. Once the quest is completed it reverts back to a standard altar where you can make offerings to and receive blessings from Mephala.

New interior cells are:
Mephala's Web ('Parent' Cell for NoTeleport Script)
Mephala's Web, Ayem and Zyr (The beginning and -- if you displease Mephala -- the end.)
Mephala's Web, Combat (combat-skill oriented opponents in a dwemer setting)
Mephala's Web, Magic (magic-skill oriented, levitating opponents in a dark void)
Mephala's Web, Stealth (stealth-skill oriented opponents in a maze)
Mephala's Web, The Webspinner (opponents of all three types in a daedric temple)

3. The Grandmaster's personal shrine may be used as your home. Mephala also gives you a teleport item to get you back to the shrine. The shrine contains the bones of nine former grandmasters whose spirits will tell you something about themselves if you are interested. It also has an alchemy lab with sorter, an area for enchanting with a device that can upgrade soul gems, WYSIWYG containers, and a lot more.

New interior cells are:
Vivec, Arena Hidden Shrine
Vivec, Arena Hidden Area, Masters' Annex
  The 'official' mod, "Area-Effect Arrows" is incorporated and expanded here.
  Also includes vendors and Sceptrum Minimum, a tiny dwemer armorer, a functional practice dummy, etc.

4. Self-explanatory.


Activate this mod BEFORE going to the Vivec, Arena Hidden Area to join the Morag Tong. Best to begin a new game.

This mod replaces Bethesda's "enoHlaaluScript" and alters the NPC "eno hlaalu", so any mod that alters that NPC will conflict with "Completed", making it unplayable and perhaps crashing the game. Eno Hlaalu's dialogue, however, is not touched by this mod, so a mod which alters it without modifying Eno himself or his script should pose no problems.

"Completed" will probably conflict with any mod that makes significant changes to Vivec, Arena Hidden Area.
"Completed" also alters the following original game cells:
  Vivec, Hlaalu Treasury (1 NPC added)
  Vivec, Saren Manor (1 NPC added)
  Shara (Creatures added)
  Ald Sotha, Lower Level (NPCs and creatures added)
  Ald Sotha, Shrine (NPCs and creatures added)

"Completed" alters the following NPCs (Targets of writs & Holders of Sanguine Items):
Brilnosu Llarys, Hrordis, Tirer Belvayn, Toris Saren, Shotherra, Erundil, Llandrale Varam, Severa Magia, Durus Marius, Carecalmo, Thovasi Alen, Mindeli Saren, Anel Rethelas, Inganar, Earmil, Talis Veran, Dram Bero, Therana, Baladas Demnevanni, Dro'Zaymar, Omesu Hlarys, Relas Arothari, Sovisa Adas, Guril Retheran, Galasa Uvayn, Ethal Seloth, Idroso Vendu, Odaishah Yasalmibaal, Feruren Oran, Sarayn Sadus, Mavon Drenim, Mathyn Bemis, Navil Ienith, Ranes Ienith, Nurisea Selarys, Broris Fals, Larrus Varro, Minnibi Selkin-Adda, Ulmesi Baryon, Rogdul gro-Bularz, Serul Dathren -- and, of course, Eno Hlaalu.

If you are a vampire or a werewolf, you probably will not have the Mephala dreams. I don't know how to avoid this without messing with the vampire and werewolf scripts, which would inevitably lead to conflicts with several particularly excellent mods that enhance the vampire and werewolf experiences.

"Completed" has been cleaned with TESTool and checked with TESAME.
There are no new Icons, Meshes, or Textures.
The IDs of all new elements in the plugin, except those of the new interior cells, include 'WEB'.

***C. FAQ***

Q: I checked the esp and some cells have doors out in the void. Are you a bloody incompetent mod-maker or what?
A: Those doors are not needed for travel. Travel in the mod's new cells is handled by scripted activators. The doors are needed to connect the new cells to the game world so that the "Interventions" and "NoEscape" script will work properly.

Q: I checked the esp and there's Secret Master Alchemy Equipment here and there. Did you make yet another cheat mod?
A: No, What you see are statics or activators, not usable alchemy equipment.

Q: I killed Eno Hlaalu and nothing happened. WTF!
A: Leave that area and Mephala will grab you and send you to where you need to go.

Q: I completed the ordeal but there is no way out. WTF!
A: Levitate to the upper level of the daedric shrine and seek out "Mephala's Representative".

Q: This "Ordeal" is ridiculous. It's so "unbalanced" it's not even funny. WTF!
A: The quest is given by a malicious and capricious deity as a test to someone who is supposed to be the finest assassin in that world. "Balance", whatever that could possibly mean in this context, is irrelevant. Suck it up, grow a pair of whatever is appropriate, and slog on. Or don't bother with the "Ordeal" at all (It is optional, after all). The "Ordeal" is much toned down from what it once was. Players unaware of the ins and outs of the "ridiculous" version were able to complete it.

Q: I lost the teleporter. What do I do now?
A: Open the console: player -> AddItem, "A5WEB_msc_TeleShrine", 1

Q: No screenshots?
A: Sorry, for some obscure technical reason my Japanese keyboard, Japanese OS laptop won't oblige. A lot of words will have to suffice for now.


To LostInSpace for all the time she spent testing previous iterations of this mod, for her ideas, and for her wit.
To the maker of the 'official' mod, "Area-Effect Arrows".
To DinkumThinkum for the NoTeleport script.
To ManaUser for the ReadButDontTake script.
To A. Bauer for ideas from the mod, Darkstone Manor.
To Ilium for ideas from the mod, Aragon's Bow.
To IkariGendo for information on Mephala.
To Valdimathor for information on "The Ebony Blade".
To Wizthis for suggestions for "The Ebony Blade" script.
To Ronin49 for his PMs and thoughtful input.
To Rolach and kwshipman for the alchemy ingredient sorter scripts.
To Reznod for original 'Trashcan' script.
To 0001 for basis of Security Practice script.
To Evenios and Alarys for the original teleporter script.
To Zoopster for Zoopster's Alchemy Book (text only)
To Vegtabill for his mod and friendly co-operation.
To all the forum members who were kind enough to give encouragement, comments, and/or advice so long ago.

To Bethesda Game Studios, Morrowind Nexus, Morrowind Modding History ...
To the makers of TESAME, TESTool, WryeMash, ...

Feel free to ransack this plugin for whatever you want to use.
A mention in the credits of your ReadMe would be appreciated.

Highly Recommended:

Vegtabill, Threads of the Webspinner v1.1

Lurlock, Morag Tong Writ Fix v1.1

Also, maybe: (Don't know for sure, haven't tested)

Arcimaestro Anteres, Morag Tong's Services v1.2

Shuuda, Morag Tong Expanded v2.0

Sladle, Morag Tong - Methas Hlaalu
This mod has a few "dirty" edits and needs to be cleaned.
You may also have to edit out any changes to the NPC, Eno Hlaalu, outside of dialogue.