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Yet another house mod, this time though it's an addon to the awesome Tamriel Rebuilt mod and adds a manor to Firewatch for you all to purchase!

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Huzzah! Another house mod for you all to use! Where is it this time? In Firewatch. Firewatch? That's not a vanilla town in Morrowind. You're right. This is a house mod for Tamriel Rebuilt! 

Anyway, Firewatch. Stormburough, is a nice small manor avalible for sale from Brandir Zabaal, which is the general merchant who lives across the street from the manor. The exact location of the trader/house is near the middle of Firewatch, near one of the sides of the fort, near the alchemist. The manor features two floors, both open concept with tons of safe, non-respawning containers to shove your stuff in, a large bed, an actual fireplace this time, and of course furniture. 

And there is a basement! There is a trap door in the dinning area that leads to a basement which was once used as a tomb before the original family sold the house and the tomb was cleaned out to be converted into a basement by an Imperial family before it was sold again to Brandir. With three rooms, you have a second bedroom, a storage room which has a bedroll if you're really desperate for somewhere to sleep and the entry room. There are three more bookcase shelves which I placed as I personally plan on using it to display weapons and armor. 

As usual, I have neglected to decorate the house with silverware, cutlery, pots, ect as I feels as if anyone wanted them they could easily place items in game. However if it's really desired, I can try adding those things to the house. This time however I put a few potted plants around. The house which is avalible as a deed, costs roughly fifty-five thousand septims. Roughly being that while the base price is 55,000, Brandir inflated the price to 62,000 when I bought it off of him. Traders' 'amiright?
How to install!
NMM: Add this mod to NMM by dragging the file into the mods window or by opening the mod window and clicking add mod from file. Then activate it.
Manual: Open up the file in WinRar or Winzip, ect and move the ESP to your Data folder. Then open up Morrowind Launcher and select the plugin in the list. Then play. 
Requires Tribunal, Bloodmoon, TR_DATA and TR_Mainland. Meaning you need all the expansions and the latest release of Tamriel Rebuilt, the August 2014 release!
You may redistribute this on other sites so long as I'm credited as the creator of the mod and house. Additionally, if you feel like you want to build on my house then feel free to do so but please do the same thing.

Tamriel Rebuilt of course does not belong to me in any way shape or form and I asked permission before releasing this from the team.