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NPCs with class "Noble" in original MW and in Tamriel Rebuilt are now wearing new robes as well as various shiny, expensive looking things: new House-specific hairstyles, veils and earrings for women, circlets, scarves and piercing for men.

Permissions and credits
Change log:

- tweaked gems a bit (made them to glow a bit more)

- items added to traders

- c_f_robe_exq01_1.nif fixed 
- one of the robes removed (it will go into my "Mabrigash Armored Robes" mod)

v2 - Many bugs fixed.
- Reflection effect on robes reworked to look more natural.
- Detail maps added to all gems (on robes, hairstyles, earrings and circlets).
- Gems glow value lowered.
- Piercing and circlets textures changed. 

v1.5 - Critical bug (missing gloss maps for robes) fixed. (Thanks Morthrug for uploading screenshots where I saw this issue!) PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD!!!

v1.2 - Unnecessary TR dependency removed from one of the files.


This mod adds 100 new playable hairstyles for Dunmer noblewomen (16 for Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni and Indoril, 17 for Dres and 19 for noblewomen not belonging to any House) and 30 new robes (4 for each House except Dres, 5 for Dres, 4 for Vvardenfell and 4 for the Mainland). Hairstyles are for MacKom's heads.

ALL noblewomen and SOME noblemen in original MW and in Tamriel Rebuilt are now wearing new robes as well as other items fitting for the Dunmer nobility:
- new hairstyles, scarves, veils and earrings for women,
circlets, armored House robes, scarves and piercing for men.  

By "noblemen" and "noblewomen" I literally mean NPCs who have class "Noble" assigned to them in CS. (House Telvanni has a lot of NPCs with class "Wizard" but almost no NPCs with class "Noble", so I considered Telvanni wizards to be the equivalent of nobles in other Houses. )

I've also made an addon which adds randomly generated nobles to some appropriate location in vanilla MW (only indoors - to avoid fps hit) - just as an eye-candy and to showcase new items. Spawn points are set in Vivec cantons, Vivec Temple, Ebonheart keep, Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni council houses, Mournhold Temple and Godsreach.

Hairstyles are also made into wigs. All new stuff is added to leveled lists so you have a chance to stumble upon it in game.

Hlaalu items can be bought from Balmora Pawnbroker, from Suran Pawnbroker, from the Pawnbroker in Hlaalu Canton in 
Dres items can be bought from the Temple Outfitter in Necrom
Redoran items can be bought from Malpenix Blonia in Ald-Ruhn, from the Trader in the Redoran Canton in Vivec
Indoril items can be bought from the Trader in Gorne, from Mournhold Trader
Telvanni items can be bought from Pawnbroker in Port Telvannis, from the street bosmer Pawnbroker in Sadrith Mora, from 
Berwen in Tel Mora, from the Enchanter in the Telvanni Canton in Vivec, from the Llothanis Merchant
Mainland items can be bought from the Trader in Necrom
Vvardenfell items can be bought from Tervur Braven in Vivec

All goods are added by means of levelled lists, so that trader's inventory changes each 72 in-game hours. There is also a chance 
for random items to spawn.

If someone decides to add ears and thus make hairstyles compatible with older heads meshes - feel free to do so. 
(For modders: this plugin can be made independent from MacKom's heads by adding ears to hairstyles and deleting all piercing, circlets and earrings references, since these items are incompatible with older heads models.)

WARNING: if you have already seen a NPC during the current playthrough, the game "remembers" their clothes, so, when modified by a mod, only their hairstyle and face will change. In order to see changes to NPCs equipment you should either delete the info about particular NPCs from your save file (by TESAME or Enchanted Editor or other similar utility), or start a new playthrough.

MacKom's Dunmer Heads (and hairstyles adapted for them.)
TR Heads Replacer (MacKom's heads) - for Tamriel Rebuilt users
Any leveled lists merging utility

The Great Houses robes have reflection mapped details so in order for them to be displayed correctly you need Morrowind Code Patch. 

Main files:
Use only one of these files - don't use both:
DunmerNoblesOverhaul.ESP -  if you don't have Tamriel Rebuilt installed
DunmerNoblesOverhaul_TR.ESP - if you have Tamriel Rebuilt

DNO_RandomNoblesAddon.ESP - adds random nobles to some indoor locations on Vvardenfell
DNO_RandomNoblesAddon_TR.ESP - does the same but use it if you have TR installed (the difference - this one has TR heads assigned to the generated nobles.) 

Optional files DNO_Hairstyles.ESP and DNO_Robes&Scarves.ESP contain only hairstyles and robes&scarves respectively. YOU DON'T NEED THEM TO PLAY THIS PLUGIN. 

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