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Addons for Tamriel_Data and Tomb of the Snow Prince. Other mods may follow.

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Graphic Herbalism, the Morrowind GotY mod is pretty much done and has been chucking along for a good long while and probably will continue to do so for a good long while too.

But there is a world beyond Morrowind GotY.

Here will be several addons for popular mods and/or mesh and texture changes which are beyond the scope of the original Graphic Herbalism mod. To use these addons you will need the original Graphic Herbalism mod. These are just addons/patches.

:: Tamriel_Data ::

Tamriel Data is the united file repository of Tamriel Rebuilt and the Project Tamriel mods (Skyrim: Home of the Nords and Province: Cyrodiil). As such, this addon can be used with every mod that relies on Tamriel_Data. This includes Tamriel Rebuilt 16.09 and following, and will include the SHotN and P:C releases that have Tamriel_Data v02 as their master.

Includes some "picked" meshes graciously provided by Pherim and worsas.

This is a version for Tamriel Data 04.

Graphic Herbalism Tamriel_Data

Adds Graphic Herbalism functionality to the Tamriel Data flora and fauna. Currently lacks some scripts for food containers like rats on a pike and fried fishes. Does not have

Graphic Herbalism Tamriel_Data Extra

Adds mineral ore and egg sack support for most of Tamriel Data. Amber and Beehives don't have them (yet).

:: Tomb of the Snow Prince ::

Graphic Herbalism TotSP

Adds Graphic Herbalism functionality to the Tomb of the Snow Prince v1.2 fauna.
In the current version (0.91) the plants only get disabled, there are no picked versions yet.

:: Tamriel Rebuilt ::

Do not use this anymore.
Use the addon for Tamriel Data instead if you use Tamriel Rebuilt 16.09 or later!