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Edits over 365 scripts to amend many issues, with the Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions being the primary focus.

This mostly addresses oversights that could cause quests to become unfinishable, and things that were illogical in a few cases.

Permissions and credits
*NOTE: Due to OpenMW's unfinished state, you may encounter bugs when using it with this mod that would not occur when using the original Morrowind!*


UPDATE 2: July 27, 2016: New version 1.14 uploaded.
 + fixed script on Velas Manor door so you can get back in even if you don't have the key anymore
 + adjusted position of Nord Innocent so she doesn't fall on dagger, which would prevent you from picking it up
 + set new activator objects to be deleted when no longer needed

UPDATE: July 25, 2016: New version 1.13 uploaded.
 + a couple of fixes to the "Crimson Plague" questline
 + general improvements to several scripts
 + added .esm (master file) version as an option


Edits over 365 scripts (as well as some other things where needed for scripts to function properly) in Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon, with the bulk of the work being devoted to the latter two.

The edits mostly focus on reducing the chances of encountering quest-breaking errors, while a relative few are meant to be more general improvements.

Examples of problems fixed:
• nunciuskeyScript (Antonius Nuncius): puts nuncius' closet key on his corpse at a more logical time, so you can't get two of the same key
• nunciusStashScript: relocates activate command so you don't have to check the desk twice to get a journal update
• ThormoorTeleport (Thormoor Gray-Wave): ends quest if you kill thormoor. (Required new journal entry)
• dandrasScript (Dandras Vules):
  1.rewritten to circumvent infinite dialog loop that occurs when he can't see you upon his death
  2.takes the contract off him until he is dead, so you can't pickpocket it and get journal entries out of sequence
  3.ends TR_DBAttack quest if you skipped talking to a guard before reaching this point (Required new journal entry)
• rolfScript (Rolf Long-Tooth):
  1.forces greeting which makes him stop following you
  2.added menumode check to avoid menu lag
• krishScript (Krish):
  1.adds extra death checks as a safeguard
  2.makes him head for the exit automatically, unless/until he forcegreets you, then he will follow again
• karstaagdoor2Script: lets you get into next area if krish is lost or stuck somewhere
• secretsAnimunculi: lets the player relearn this spell if they shift-click delete it. Also gives a message informing that you have gained the skill.
• amuletDaedraScript: blocked teleporting at specific places when you shouldn't be able to
• bladeScript (Trueflame): rewritten script; eliminates light lingering if switching weapons with hotkeys
• blade2Script: gives hopesfire a light effect like trueflame
• ColonyStalhrim: gives you the journal update only if you actually take a piece of stalhrim
• UnderSiegeFix:
  1.script placed on an activator that should keep those dunmer from reporting you for a crime when attacking the nords at the end of the raven rock mine
  2.also adds relevant topic in case you mark->recall into the mine after getting the silver swords from constans, or otherwise kill all the nords without talking to falco first
• ColonySeler (Seler Favelnim):
  1.added extra checking to ensure he is alive before giving journal update about him being too tired to fight
  2.disables him until quest starts to avoid breaking questline by killing him early
• ColonyToralf (Toralf): rewritten for better death checking and to prevent disposing corpse too soon, so you won't miss journal update
• ColonyGraring (Graring):
  1.added distance and timer checks to startcombat function so it isn't called constantly
  2.better death checking
• mentanaScript (Menta Na): makes you fail this quest if you soultrap this creature instead of sending its soul to molag bal (Required new journal entry)
• armionScript (goblin trainer Armion): rewritten for better death checking and to prevent disposing corpse too soon, to ensure you can get the full reward from fedris (he checks deadcount, which takes a moment to register)
• fab_attack_highord (High Ordinators in Plaza Brindisi Dorom):
  1.prevents asking for help if dead
  2.added timed startcombat function
  3.fixed subtitles
• SothaImperfect (Imperfect):
  1.prevents disposing corpse too soon, to ensure you can proceed (the exit door checks deadcount, which takes a moment to register)
  2.skips/ends the steam animation if you hit him with a ranged attack before it plays out (else the steam effects will be floating in midair when he moves which looks bad)
• sothadoorblocked: placed on new 'door' (activator) that stops player from leaving sotha sil's room without the mazed band
• Spriggan: better onactivate checking; should prevent disposing corpse before 3rd death
• highPocketsScript (High-Pockets):
  1.makes sure you can't get another ring of icegrip after he gives you one, and that he stops following you
  2.better death checking--ends quest if he is killed before quest is over (Required new journal entry)
• ValbrandrDraugr:
  1.checks gettarget now so you can't just knock him out
  2.better death checking
  3.prevents you from disposing his corpse until deadcount is incremented
• IngmarTeleport (Ingmar): only moves him to his home if he is alive
• lucan_ostorius: stops him from popping out to attack if you refused his quest
• replenishammo (Centurion Archer): better death checking to prevent dart farming
• and many more...

For those few who might be interested in what exactly the mod changes, I recommend viewing it in the Enchanted Editor.

NOTE: please report problems with the mod in the comments tab so that I can be made aware of them.