One True Faith - Saints and Frescoes Retexture by Tyddy
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Added: 31/08/2015 - 05:46PM
Updated: 09/09/2015 - 05:56PM

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ALMSIVI, Serjo. 

Welcome to my House of Prayer, stranger. Come in, sit down. Look at this people - how proud and smart are the look. Whom? A-hah, thou think that I'm talking about living persons near us? No-no, I'm an orphan; only family, I've ever need, sera, is Tribunal Temple.
Ayem æ Sehti æ Vehk, son of Resdayn. I know, thou didn't come here with no reason. Thou need to be closer to your ancestors, but if thy parents are unknown? Let me tell thou an answer - every dunmer, all over Aurbis, has ancestors, whose deeds were glorified many years ago. Yes, I talk about them - thy countrymers - thy protectors - THY LORDS AND SAINTS.
ALMSIVI, my friend.

Greetings, guys. Let me introduce you my new replacer mod which retexture all eleven saints' frescoes, three Gods' frescoes and three frescoes of Tribunal Temple, you already can see in my AoVv-Velothi mod (check it out too, I highly recommend to use this mods together).
Here is three versions of my mod - HQ (1024*2048), MQ (512*1024) and, Ninety Nine Lovers of Boethia, UHQ (2048*4096(!(!)!!))! The last one is needed only for screenshots or if you need to test your 4K display.
Installation is standart - choose needed version, download it, then just unpack archive into your "Data Files" folder, launch game and enjoy.
And remember - Vivec love you.


Upd. version 1.0a - give a property name to Almalexia's texture. Thaks to Keldyn.