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The MUNDIS is a machine created by Sotha Sil long ago, it contains a portal to a personal daedric realm. However, the device was stolen by Dagoth Ur's minions, who were never able to open it, and now sits in the tower of Odrosal. As the nerevarine, you have the ability to open the MUNDIS, so go find it!

This mod was inspired by the TARDIS from Doctor Who and the Private Mobile Base mod for MW.

The MUNDIS can teleport to almost every town, village, city, daedric shrine, stronghold, dwemer ruin, and more.
In order to move the MUNDIS, you must input souls. Every soul of value equal to or greater than a scamp will be accepted(if the creature is from MW and it's expansions)

For example, If you deposit a scamp soul, you may move the MUNDIS 2 times.

Or, if you deposit a Golden saint soul, you may move the MUNDIS 8 times.

The MUNDIS's control room contains 24 preset buttons, which are set to the cities and most towns of Vvardenfell, and 8 custom buttons, which can be switched out for different sets, so 32 custom buttons total.

There is a spell scroll on a table in the great hall, which will give you a spell anyone can use, which will summon the MUNDIS if you are near a location it can transport itself to. Most locations are in the exterior area, with the exception of Vivec Cantons, where it'll be inside the Canton's plaza. Or if the location is particularly mountainous, the MUNDIS might need to be summoned right inside the door to the location. If you try to summon it when you can't, it will tell you it is "Not a valid location".

Further documentation is available via in-game books, which will help you operate the MUNDIS.