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This mod adds a small velothian box, which can teleport to anywhere in the game!

It's also bigger on the inside. Companion friendly!

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The MUNDIS is a small box with a large interior, inspired by the Tardis from Doctor Who. Also inspired by the Private Mobile Base mod.

To begin, you will find the MUNDIS parked in the tower in Odrosal.

When you enter it, you may find it quite dark. You'll need to power it up before you can use it. When you enter, go to the left, and there is a "MUNDIS Power Room", which has triloths you can use to deposit souls, to power the MUNDIS.

Once it is powered up, you will be able to use any of the buttons in the main control room, to select any destination you'd like.

In the main area, down the stairs, you will find a table, with a book and scroll. If you activate the scroll, you will learn the spell to summon the MUNDIS.

You may summon the MUNDIS anywhere you'd like, but I'd suggest you try to do it in a clear and flat area.

Summoning the mundis with the spell is 4 times more expensive, so once you find a destination you'll use a lot, you may want to assign it to a button.
Just walk up to one of the buttons, and sneak while you activate it, and you will be able to change it to your current location.

The MUNDIS also has a sizable home for you, with item sorters for alchemy ingredients, clothing, potions, scrolls, keys, and misc items.

There is a guest room wing, and a services wing. You'll need to hire merchants to make use of these services.

The MUNDIS is compatible with OpenMW 0.48 and above, and MWSE.
With OpenMW 0.48, there will be a few less features due to the immaturity of the lua engine.

Most Notably, you will have infinite power, since I'm unable to remove items in that version. The sorters will also not work, and you will not be able to hire merchants.

The MUNDIS will detect if you have Tamriel Rebuilt(The Mainland) and add those locations. It will also adjust its locations for Solstheim - Tomb of the Snow Prince and for Beautiful Cities of Morrowind.

Summoning with the spell will now place the MUNDIS directly in front of you by default. 

Demonstration of the mod, and how to use it:

Showcased in Morrowind Modding Showcases: