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Now you can blocking by pressing a key just like in Oblivion.

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Now you can blocking by pressing a key just like in Oblivion. The blocking key is C by default and you can change it by typing in the console set BetterBlockingKey to #. To know what # (value) to set it to look at the MWSE Key List that is in the download and use the value that is given to the key you want to use (Example: The C key value is 67 so you will type set BetterBlockingKey to 67 which will make the C key the Blocking Key). To check your true blocking skill you need to hold down the Blocking Key and open the characters menu and take your blocking skill and subtract it by 100. (Example: You hold the Blocking key and open your characters menu and it says your blocking skill is at 134. It is actually at 34) When your blocking skills increases it is actually -100 less than what the number said it increased to (Example: Message "Your blocking skill has increased to 135" your blocking skill is actually at 35). This mod is compatible with my Morrowind Xbox 360 Gamepad mod and the blocking button is the LT.


To install just download then extract folder and drag plugin into your data files folder. If the mod does not work you will have to open the Morrowind.ini and find "Background Keyboard=0" and change it to "Background Keyboard=1".