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Adds grass that is compatible with Morrowind Rebrith 3.2.

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Disclaimer: This mod is designed to work with V 3.2 of Morrowind Rebirth, You should not use this mod if you do not plan on using MR v 3.2

This mod is based and there for depends upon the meshes and textures from Vurt's grass mods.  Without those, this will only end badly when you try to generate the grass.

All regions have grass, including the Azura's Coast and Sheogorad regions plus the Ashlands all included in one file. 


1. Place the esp/s into /data files/grass/ = not in normal data files, you don’t want this to be active.
2. Use MGE to generate grass: make sure the grass files are ticked when generating distant land.
3. Play the game.

Alternative way to generate:
1. Place the esp in your data folder.  
2. Use MGE to generate the grass:  You will need to generate the grass based on esp's and that you should check this file in addition to your current load order when generating distant land.  
3. Do not load this as an active esp when playing (From the launcher)
4. Play the game

As noted elsewhere, I own nothing here.  This file is offered as is, where is.  I will not gaurentee that it will be updated if/when MR is updated.

Dragon Captions,