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All clothes have been upraded to a higher resoultion and have a swirl pattern in some of them All textures are original but have ben refracted in some way using The curtains match the drapes so don’t be alarmed lol Family Guy quote

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Update coming soon using layer's from fabric photo's the results priceless.   Hello, my fellow modders and gamers like my self. I am far from what you would call a modder but I am more of a obsesed Elder scrolls fan that has been tinkering and trying to make morrowind be a portrait of perfection.

Morrowind's New Beautiful clothes is just that original textures Improved to a newer version. This includes Tribunal and all the shoes in the tamrial reigon. Good news it's pluginless yes that right totally compatible with other mods unless you have better clothes well you can still use Better Clothes and this will fill in the gaps. I find that when I use Better Clothes by it self I get it errors and made my game crash with not finding a left foot slot. Thus this is why I spent countless hours to beautify the clothes using original games textures and refracting them a bit to give them a higher clarity. Now you may say but are they still segmented? True yes I wish I was a true modder and could duplicate what pyschodog did by making them not segmented.
All the clothes in Morrowind yes every last piece have been retextured, it was pain staking and I made them when I was out of work. Now I only have time to upload my work. There maybe a graphical error going on with my head pack I am using Illy's Fresh faces II and Robert's bodies mod which is a stunning to see morrowind look like skyrim.

They all have been upraded to a higher resoultion and have a swirl pattern in some of them but the curtains match the drapes so don’t be alarmed. lol Family Guy quote
If you would like to include these in a mod or make them better just pm me on the tesnexus thank you.