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simple replacer mod for Morrowind's bethesda logo.bok file. meant to make morrowind's opening logo keep up with the current logo now seen in Bethesda's games.

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after seeing mods to replace Morrowind's opening .bik file with those from Oblivion, I wanted to allow Morrowind to keep up with Bethesda's more newer logos, especially for those who started with Bethesda's newer games and began to explore their more older ones, especially from the Elder Scrolls Series. All I did was get the opening bethesda logo.bik from Elder Scrolls Online, and downscaled the resolution down so when playing back on Morrowind, it wouldn't result in a crash. 

INSTALLATION: [warning!] you should backup your original bethesda logo.bik file for when you want to go back to the original opening logo from 2002.
to install, simply extract the "bethesda logo.bik" file from this mod and send it to this directory Morrowind/Data Files/video/ then if promted to replace the file, click yes. once that's done, you installed the mod

to uninstall the mod, simply get the original "bethesda logo.bik" (the one that came with Morrowind back in 2002) that you backed up and drag it to the video folder within Morrowind's /Data Files/ folder, if promted to replace the file, click "yes", and you're done. :) simple as that