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The Lucky Pick v1.1
by Danjb

The Lucky Pick is a magical pickaxe that allows you to hunt buried treasure all over Vvardenfell. To find it, look for Bowan the Bosmer in Maar Gan, Andus Tradehouse.

To use the Lucky Pick, equip it and draw it (get your weapon out). It will display a message directing you towards the next treasure. If you put your weapon away and draw it again, you will get another message. When you get close to the treasure, the Lucky Pick will start to hum, then buzz, then whir, then vibrate, until finally the Buried Treasure will appear.

If for some reason you can't find the treasure, talk to Bowan and he will reset the Lucky Pick so that it points towards a new treasure.

One more thing: the more buried treasure you find, the better the treasure will be!

Happy hunting!

Requires Tribunal.


 - Fixed being able to spawn multiple chests before activating the treasure (thanks Darkelfguy!).
 - Removed dependency on Tribunal.esm (Tribunal must still be installed).
 - Removed lore-related topics from Bowan.
 - Bowan can now tell you how many treasures you've found.
 - Added a little bonus after finding 10 treasures and talking to Bowan.
 - Bowan gives more hints about finding his ring.
 - Reduced Bowan's wander distance.
 - Cleaned with Tes3cmd.


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