Boots of Infernal Chaos by Danjb
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Boots of Infernal Chaos v1.2
by Danjb

Smoulderon - an ancient Flame Atronach - sits in the heart of Red Mountain, waiting to die. Help him, and you will receive the Boots of Infernal Chaos, which leave a trail of fire wherever you walk.

Requires Tribunal.


The fire trail may be demanding on some systems. The following settings can be customised in order to improve performance (or just for fun):

djb_fire_delay: delay, in seconds, between fires spawning (default = 0.04)
djb_fire_lifetime: time, in seconds, before fires disappear (default = 4.0)

To change these settings in-game, type console commands like so:
set djb_fire_delay to 0.08


 - Added quest entry to journal.
 - The boots now leave a longer / denser trail.
 - The boots no longer leave fire underwater.
 - The fire now shrinks before it disappears.
 - Added the ability to tweak the fire settings through the console.
 - Removed collision from the fire.
 - Added an enchantment to the boots.
 - Fixed the "help me" topic not being clickable.
 - Improved some dialogue.
 - Lowered item values.

 - Quest added.
 - Fire damage removed from the boots.


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