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Blades Safe House
A Morrowind mod
by Lythoc

What does it do?

This mod adds a secret safe house to the Council Club in Balmora.

Features include:
- Armor sorter with armor pieces magically floating to mannequins.
- Book sorter with new original scripting. Sorted books can be read, safely picked up and resorted.
- NPCs to guard the complex, which you can dress and arm like you see fit.
- Teleport spell to get you back to the safe house at any time.
- Usual stuff like a bedroom, loads of storage and a display area.

How to start

The safe house becomes available after you've completed the 'Larrius Varro Tells a Little Story' quest
in Balmora. This is a vanilla quest. To start that quest you have to be level 3 and ask people in Balmora
for a 'little secret' until someone tells you Larrius Varro in Moonmoth Legion Fort wants to talk to you.
After you've finished that quest return to the Council Club and you'll find a new NPC with further instructions.

Some notes on the book and armor sorters

In the library you'll find an NPC. The book sorting scripts start after you've placed books in his inventory
by means of companion share. The NPC will start sorting in real time, walking to lecterns to place the books.
Of course you don't have to wait for him to finish. When you leave the cell while he's sorting, he will be
done when you re-enter the cell.
The armor sorter is started by pressing a switch in the Hall Of Armor. The scripts will place armor pieces
from your inventory in front of you and float them to the designated mannequin. Here you do have to wait
till every piece has been removed from your inventory, but you don't have to wait for the floating sequence
to finish. All floating pieces will be sorted when you leave and re-enter the cell. If you leave the cell
while sorting is in progress and you still have armor pieces in your inventory, those armor pieces just don't
get sorted and you'll have to press the switch again on your next visit to the hall.
Boiled netch leather and the Bonemold variants are included in the sorter. The sorter will actually finish
those sets with base armor pieces. So in order to finish both the Netch Leather set and the Boiled Netch
Leather set you'll need a total of 2 pair of netch leather boots, etc.


Unpack the files into your 'Morrowind/Data Files' directory.
In the launcher select 'Data Files' and check 'Blades Safe House'


Requires Morrowind, Tribunal, Bloodmoon

Existing saves

This mod should work with existing saves. It does make a slight change to the 'Balmora, Council Club' cell.
Most importantly, it removes the small chest on the shelf in left bedroom downstairs. So if you have stuff in there, remove it before activating this mod.
Even if you've already done the 'Larrius Varro Tells a Little Story' quest before installing this mod, the new NPC should show up in the Council Club.


This mod mainly adds a bunch of interior cells so compatibility issues should be minimal. It does alter the 'Balmora, Council Club' cell, so it probably won't be compatible with any mod that does so as well.


The only cell which has performance concerns is the Library. It's quite large (not enormous) and has a
lot of polygons.
I got similar frame rates there as for example Balmora with MGSO 3.0 and 20 cell distant lands.


Vality7: For his awesome 3D Vvardenfell map
Psychodog Studios: For the body mesh used for the mannequins

Special thanks to Darkelfguy. His efforts and enthusiasm for keeping Morrowind modding alive played no small
part in keeping me motivated to release this.


With the exception of the assets created by the people in the Credits, you are free to do whatever you want
with this mod. The only thing I ask is that you give me credit.