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Part of the May Modathon Month

This mod will allow you to take over Shallit (a cave connected to an ancestral tomb on an island south of Dagon Fel). After clearing both locations of enemies you will get a journal entry that will suggest the next steps. Additional upgrades will become available after becoming a vampire and finishing your clan's questline. 

You will want to take everything you can from Shallit and Drethan Ancestral Tomb - both become inaccessible (barring cheats) after the initial upgrade. This was done to prevent problems with mods that would add new enemy spawn points and other objects that could conflict with my addictions.

  • Lab with an ingredient sorter that will automatically remove all of your ingredients and an apparatus sorter that will allow you to create potions automatically using the best available gear.
  • Functional training facilities.
  • Spell allowing you to return to the hideout instantly.
  • A large amount of storage - with an option to improve it even more. All containers can capacity in the thousands.

Vampire features:
  • Cattle to feed upon.
  • Shrine to Molag Bal which can be used to restore your stats (currently works with vanilla vampires).

This mod requires both expansions.