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Gender neutralises or specifies the Morrowind intro video, the prophecies as they appear in books and dialogue, and/or faction ranks (+ optionally some objects). He => she/they. Kinsman => Kinswoman/Kinsmember.

Permissions and credits
Did you feel weird about the fact that the prophecies keep saying 'he' this and 'he' that? Or that you're called 'Brother' when you're clearly playing a female character? This mod fixes that.


1. A replacement for the intro video which changes the text from "he was to play" to "she was to play" or "they were to play"
2. Several esp. files that gender neutralise or specify to differing degrees: the prophecies as they appear in dialogue/books (he => she/they), faction ranks (kinsman => kinswoman/kinsmember) and optionally the use of 'Journeyman' as faction rank or to refer to certain objects

The video(s) can be viewed over at YouTube

You need the Morrowind Code Patch installed, with high definition cutscenes CHECKED, for the video to work inside the game.

1. Extract the file to (I suggest, a seperate folder inside) Morrowind folder
2. Find your Morrowind intro video, 'mw_intro', in Data Files=>Video OR on the disc=>Video and make a backup
3. Change the name of either 'mw_intro_THEY FINAL' or 'mw_intro_SHE FINAL' into 'mw_intro' and copy to Data Files=>Video. (click yes to copy and replace if necessary)
4. READ the readme and take your pick of your preferred mod version (there is a consideration to make with regards to specifying Faction Ranks)
5. Put the preferred esp. in your Data Files folder and check the box in front of it in the Data Files window the next time you start up Morrowind

If I've missed anything let me know.

Technical Details if anybody is interested
The original .bik video on the disc was converted to avi., edited with Premiere Pro CC, converted back into .bik and here we are.
I know nothing about aspect ratios so if somebody stumbles into a problem and knows how to fix it/somebody else knows how to fix it, let me know.


Lots of thanks to Cyran0 for answering all my questions