Dawn's Island by Whane The Whip
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Added: 24/05/2015 - 09:17PM
Updated: 03/06/2015 - 05:54PM

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Last updated at 17:54, 3 Jun 2015 Uploaded at 21:17, 24 May 2015

Dawn's Island is a small coastal island South East of Seyda Neen and native to Morrowind. The island has been repurposed as a player base with a small foot print. Basically I wanted a humble yet useful island, near the coast, without over-doing it. It is essentially a housing mod with some convenience added as well as some interesting tidbits. It requires Morrowind only. I edited the small island and defined it as a new region with 80% good weather and 20% thunder storms. The new region is called Dawns Island so you can easily  get a fast review with coc "dawns island", though there is a fast travel mode to the island within the mod itself, just poke around inside the house a bit.

The Island includes a small house, a ship with Captain Jiub at the helm, 3 NPC's and some hints as to how you came to own the Island and how Jiub ended up as Captain of "Dawn's Light" (This is an update to my previous Dawn's Light mod). I wanted to include some unique dialogue for Jiub but all I could hammer out was a greeting (I'm still learning), there are still enough clues scattered about to explain things though and one clue that will tie in with a future mod.

  • Cleaned with Morrowind Enchanted Editor
  • Bonus points for anyone getting both obscure and non obscure references.
  • Even more points if you can do it without Google.

1.5 update: This update cleans the mod, namely: doors now have unique ID's, gmst errors have been removed, unchanged cells removed, etc, plus one minor typo corrected. If you have saved games with the old version of this mod, you can clean them with Enchanted Editor by deleting "Dawn Island House Interior" and "Cell -1,-11". Any items stored in the house will be lost so you may want to move them first. Thanks goes to Crankgorilla for pointing out these bugs.