Syrinx by Ken Cotterill
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As the head of the Mages Guild, and a high-ranking member of a number of other organisations, my character was living in a cave. While other buildings were available, they had various issues such as limited storage, a location that was hard to reach, and so on. A residence for my player was needed.

Syrinx.esp uses elements from Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon - all must be installed for the mod to run. Beyond this, Syrinx.esp is a standalone file - no other files are required.

The entrance to Syrinx is located in Balmora between the two flights of stairs leading up to the siltstrider port.

Syrinx is predominantly a functional mod. Its main purpose is to provide a place to sleep and to store equipment and quest items. There's an Alchemy lab with recipe books on lecterns (if you take the books, you'll find it very difficult to replace them - I suggest you only read them). There's also a "fast-travel" item which is hidden in plain sight.

Syrinx contains displays of a number of items found throughout the game. These displays are static: you can look at Azura's Star, Skeleton Key, Secretmaster's Alembic and so on, but you can't pick them up.