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Model replacement for Dagoth Ur.

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This is a humble attempt to contribute to this modding community.

I remade Dagoth Ur trying to preserve his overall appearance and presence (specially the mask gesture that looks really special), I started making the body using the Dark Elf model and texture from "Better Bodies" as a base, which I think is a perfect quality bar for Morrowind (I don't like extremely high quality assets or textures in old games).

There are things left to do, of course, my knowledge with Blender and NifSkope is limited, in time I will eventually get back to this and release a new version when I figure out how to solve some problems, but right now I think this is an effective and functional replacement.

The problems I mentioned are these:

Edit: These problems no longer affect the model, the user Reizeron provided me with help for those issues and the mod has been updated.

-When you first meet Dagoth Ur he often holds a magic effect in his hand, but I think the particles don't look like they should in this mod, I really don't know what to do about it.

-When defeated in the first encounter his body is supposed to disappear with a fading effect, but in my mod his body just disappears abruptly. Again, I really don't know what to do about it.

(I think  NifSkope has something to do with all of this, I will be happy to hear any kind of information on these issues).

This is the first time I make a thing like this, and of course I will appreciate greatly any kind of feedback, sorry for my english, thank you!