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This mod adds a simple living area to the Balmora Mage's Guild, with lots of shelves and storage.

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Mage's Guild Quarters by Vals_fan v1

Only tested by me, if you encounter any problems, please email me at [email protected]

====What it does====
All this does is add a new room attached to the Balmora mage's guild bed area. It does not change any part of the existing mage's guild except for the big floor/wall/ceiling corner static where the beds are.

A table (with a full apprentices alchemy set) which can be used to store alchemy tools. I always left a set somewhere because it is too heavy to carry everywhere, here is a perfect place for it!

Another table with misc. enchanting items which are fun/useful for a starting character. Nothing cheaty though, in fact you may not even use them at all, mostly added for flavor.

Yet another table with a book and some booze. Why is the book upside down you might ask? Well, I did say "and booze" >:)

4 chests and 2 closets which are empty with no spawn lists. (always backup your save game, just in case I messed up lol)

Oodles and tons of empty shelves for putting your loot on.

A design which does not violate the feel of the mages guild, and should not go against any lore.

Comfy floor pillows, because who doesn't like comfy floor pillows?

====Why use this and not an actual house?====
I sometimes like to use the mage's guild as a home because it is easier to get to from the teleportation travel system than anything else. I just got sick of using the beds as storage space lol. I also like to keep things simple sometimes, this mod is very simple.

Back up your saves, then unzip to your Morrowind/Data Files folder.
Contains just the .esp

Just requires Morrowind.esp

I used only vanilla assets, so it should be compatible with anything under the sun which does not change the Balmora mages guild interior. It still may work with things that do, so long as they do not change the same area I modified, best way is to try it and see.

====Thanks to====
Bethesda for making this wonderful game and offering the tools to mod it.

The makers of Tes3cmd.

To anyone who ever made a mod and shared it.

To anyone who had any part in making any of the invaluable tools we use in making mods.

This mod does not contain any original content, but I ask if you want to use it for something else, just let me know (I am curious) and credit me.