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Due to the decline of PES I am making all my previously released mods available here. Originally released July 2010

So… Just What is this mod ?

I know this mod is not 100% Morrowind Lore compliant…

I do believe it to be 100% within the keeping of the spirit of the Morrowind Lore though.

Okay with that said:

This is a Library/Book mod, but it is not just a large book depository!!!
There are two joinable factions, and many quest in order to advance within them.

Remember though, that just as in real life not all books are great works.
It is hoped though that everyone will find at least some books of interest.
Also as in every library there may be several copies and or versions of the same book.
Each Library holds some of the same books, but each also have books not found in other libraries.

Note:You cannot take the books !!! So don’t even bother trying !!!

To gain effective ownership of all the books:
You must rise to the top within "The Society of Intelligent Scholars” and become “Head”
At which time you will also be given a nicely appointed home within the HQ complex.
Note! There is no other way to gain entry to this home !

Compatibility with any other mod can not be guaranteed.
But every effort has been made so as not to conflict with any other mod I consider to be a major enhancement to the game.
I “The Wanderer” have run the game with around a hundred such mods without any conflicts.

This mod uses a system of schedules for door locking, interior and exterior window lights, and NPC movement.
They are totally separate from and DO NOT affect any other such schedules, and NETHER are they affected by any other such schedules.

There are around 20 new book meshes, and 40 new book textures, which give hundreds of new book mesh/texture combinations, especially when also used in conjunction with the existing Bethesda book meshes and textures.
Note! Not all combinations are used nor do all new books use the new meshes and/or textures.

Final Note!
YES…It is possible to fail a quest…
and NO don’t expect to advance further if you do !!!