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Adds very basic "schedules" to NPCs & doors across Vvardenfell, with options to also have travel services, & taverns scheduled. Settlements will be crowded during the day, less populated during bad weather, & quiet at night. Optional add-ons available.

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Dopey NPCs - Schedules

by Jo/Fe AKA dopey fish
Adds "schedules" to NPCs in the towns and villages of Vvardenfell. Affects mainly public exterior areas and cantons.
(I use the term schedule lightly.)

Two variants:
dopey NPCs Classic - Wandering NPCs will disable at night (8pm), and enable in the morning (6am), most stable and fully featured version.  They are enabled/disabled via cell change, or through a distance and line of sight check.

dopey NPCS Enhanced - Wandering NPCs will be moved to their residence at night, and moved back outside in the morning - requires the MCP patch to PositionCell

*only use one or the other - using both will NOT work!

Affects the following areas (71 cells total):
Ahemmusa Camp
Ald Velothi
Arvel Plantation
Ascadian Isles (plantations & farms)
Bal Isra
Dagon Fel
Dren Plantation
Erabenimsun Camp
Gnaar Mok
Hla Oad
Maar Gan
Molag Mar
Sadrith Mora
Seyda Neen
Tel Aruhn
Tel Branora
Tel Mora
Urshilaku Camp
-Foreign Quarter
-St. Delyn
-St. Olms
West Gash (farms)
Wolverine Hall
Zainab Camp
Done through activator scripting, no NPCs were harmed in the process.

Back up save games before using.
Unzip the plug-in file into the Data Files directory.
Activate the plug-in, and it will automatically set up and
work with new characters and existing characters.

Optional Plug-ins:
dopeyNPC-Locks - adds a schedule for town doors to lock up at night, as long as the owner of the building is still alive.
dopeyNPC-Travel - adds a schedule to the travel services to operate during the daylight hours
dopeyNPC-Taverns - adds a schedule to taverns so they will only be busy between 12pm and 2am.
dopeyNPC-Population - this increases the population of the settlements around Vvardenfell by moving some of the hermit NPCs in their houses to wander outside, and locks up their residence.
dopeyNPC-PopulationLock - add-on for dopeyNPC-Locks to add the new NPCs from the Population module to the correct locking schedule.
dopeyNPC-NightGuards - adds guards to settlements at night to better guard against threats and thieves.
dopeyNPC-Trespassing - adds the crime of trespassing to interior cells locked from the player.  NPCs and guards will react negatively to your presence.