Obsidian Armor V1.0 by Ronin
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Added: 15/04/2015 - 10:59PM
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Found this floating around years ago and it seems all links are dead. I'm quite fond of this set and want to keep it alive.


Mod contains 1 full set of armor, choice of two helms and 2 pairs of pauldrons, this armor is based on lochnarus's retex "THE BRASS GOD". all textures have been created by lochnarus for the mod "the brass god" and have been modifed and tweaked by Ronin.

Armor is located in mournhold, Craftsman Hall, there a gifted dumner has refined the procces of creating ebony armor, and has completed his master piece, something he has named obsidian armor.

Credit and Usage:
Ronin - all texture modifications done to the brass gode armor
Loch- all of the original textures used in the brass god
Braddock- original armour models/textures
Neiro - hood
bethesda for stock meshes