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A shack on the bitter coast

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This is the probably-final version of the first mod I've ever made. I made it for my Argonian character and I'm pretty happy with it, so I thought maybe someone else might like it too. On the surface, it's an unremarkable shack on the bitter coast, just southeast of where the Odai River meets the sea. Through a trapdoor inside the shack is a secret cavern, complete with non-hostile fish pals, the small lair of an unfortunate smuggler, and the entrance to a dwemer ruin. In the Dwemer ruin is Mr. Sharon the fabulous golden saint, an alchemy station with beautiful ingredient sorting pots by despair, including ones for the Mournhold and Solstheim ingredients, and an enchanting station with tables to hold soul gems. There's also a huge room with plenty of tables, shelves, and large-capacity chests to satisfy all your found-treasure-hoarding needs, which if you're anything like me, are considerable. I didn't add any great treasure in the shack, the cavern, or the main part of the Dwemer ruin, but there are some shinies in the tower, including one of each Secretmaster alchemy apparatus. Bring your water breathing potions. 

The "keys version" has each entrance to the next area locked with increasing difficulty, and there are four keys to the tower placed in four random locations across Vvardenfell, because for balancing reasons I thought it would be cool not to have access to the stuff up there (which includes a couple daedric weapons) until my exploration-loving character had found one of these keys. One key lies in another Dwemer ruin, one in a Daedric shrine, one in an ancestral tomb, and one in a shipwreck. If this sounds like a pain in the ass to you and you don't have security skill, the "unlocked" version has all the doors unlocked. Both Versions require Tribunal and Bloodmoon expansions.

The shack and hoarding room are sort of empty and don't have much clutter like dishes and such laying around because I like to add that stuff in-game (I find it pretty fun to decorate a house with silver dishes, books, and fancy drinks that I've stolen from under the noses of bureaucrats, hehe), but if anyone wants me to I might add a version that comes with that stuff later.

Edit: updated the keys version because I'm a raging dingbat and forgot to make the keys actually unlock the door.