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Adds a portable house to the game.

No special steps to acquire, a spell to access the home is added by the mod. Features sorting containers, a shrine, NoM compatible oven, and other various convenience features.

Permissions and credits
** Scripted Entry and Exit:

Casting the scripted entry spell gives you the choice to teleport into the home or not, either via script or via Travel NPC (for use with companions).

To exit the home, use the special "Exit Door" and you will be teleported back to wherever you were previously.

If needed, the player can also sneak while activating the door, which teleports your character to Seyda Neen.

This feature is included in case the player somehow sets a Mark in the house, which would otherwise leave them stranded.

The player can also access scripted teleportation NPCs via this same method.

These Travel NPCs can teleport you (as well as companions and/or followers) to a variety of locations:

Ald-ruhn, Balmora, Sadrith Mora, Vivec, Mournhold, the docks of Fort Frostmoth, and finally Raven Rock.

Please note, entry and exit of the home utilize the "Mark" and "Recall" spell effects.

Entering the home will over-write any Mark you have set.


** Alchemical Ingredient Sorter: This Sorter will sort Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon ingredients.

The Sorter is a single container in the form of a desk, located in the "YAPHM, Main Room" cell.

To use the Sorter, have your character sneak, then activate the container.


** Scroll Sorter: This sorter will sort nearly any spell scroll in the game. It takes the form of a small end-table next to the Alchemy Sorter desk.

To use the Sorter, have your character sneak, then activate the sorter and select "yes" from the message-box popup.


** Potion Sorters: There are two chests on the floor near the other Sorting containers.

Rather creatively, they are labeled "Potion sorter: A through J" and "Potion Sorter: L through W".

These two Sorters will sort most potions based on their effect into the respective container.

Please note, these sorters will not sort spoiled Potions, alcohols, or quest related Potions.

To use the Sorter, have your character sneak, then activate the container.


(Please note, the various Sorters have a capacity of zero. To place any items into them, you must use the Sorter feature associated with the container.)


** Alchemy Desorter(s): A tray on top of the Scroll Sorter has several Activator scrolls.

These act as a handy way to get any ingredients used to make the following Potions from the Alchemical Ingredient Sorter:

-- Restore Health

-- Restore Fatigue

-- Cure Common Disease

-- Restore Magicka

-- Feather

-- Levitation

-- Water Breathing

-- Fire shield

-- Fortify Strength

-- Invisibility

The scripts used for this take into account your Alchemy skill.


** Music Box:

Included is a special "Music Box", based on a script from "Music Boxes v.3" by Xiamara, modified from the version found in "Ashlander Tent DX" by Gaius Atrius.

The script has been slightly altered to allow for the box to act as a standard container, and as an activator for the music menu script.

Activating the box normally will result in the standard container behavior, I.E. It will open, you can remove or add items to the container within the weight limit.

If it is activated while the Player Character is sneaking, however, a script will run which allows you to select an .mp3 to play in-game.

Included with the mod is a set of small music files, provided with Xiamara's original mod, for testing purposes.

These are to be replaced with the .mp3 files of your choosing.

The music box, being a working container, is a permanent fixture of the home.

To add your own music, simply rename your .mp3 files to the same file names as the provided music files, and put them in the "Music/YAPHM"' folder.

Please note, the "Cancel.mp3" file should not be changed. If you do change it, overwrite it with the copy of "Cancel.mp3" found in this archive.


** Locking Chest: A small chest which can be locked by activating it while sneaking.

If activated normally (not while sneaking) then the chest acts as a normal container.

Oh, there's not a key to it, so you'll need to pick it open or use a spell.


** Tome of Curative Spells: This special book is functionally an "Imperial Cult" or "Tribunal Temple" shrine.

It lets you cure diseases and poisons.

You can also use to to restore your attributes. It's comparatively expensive to use though.


** Dwemer Oven: a Necessities of Morrowind compatible Dwemer Oven. For flavor, the door is scripted to allow opening and closing.


** Ample Storage: About 11000 units, not including the infinite capacity of the various Sorters.