MGSO 3.0 Updating and Installation Walkthrough by Muriel Kai
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Added: 14/02/2015 - 06:42AM
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This guide is for MGSO version 3.0. If at any point an official update is made to MGSO please consider this guide obsolete.

I recently decided to play through Morrowind for my first time and found that MGSO (the largest overhaul for Morrowind) had a lot of bugs, many of which have been fixed. The fixes, however, are all over the internet so I am posting this as a "loose" guide to finding them and updating your game. This is perhaps not the best way to do things but it is, for the most part, idiot resistant and more thorough than anything I have found so far. I am no expert on MGSO but I am fairly adept at play testing and troubleshooting so this guide should be taken as just that, a guide. Setting up MGSO in this way makes a good “base” for further modding but many (myself included) may find that MGSO does a sufficient enough job at overhauling Morrowind that further/extensive modding isn’t necessary.

This walk through is not for Steam users, I am sorry. Neither is this for Windows 8 users (may god have mercy on your poor souls). Steam and Windows 8 users can most likely adapt what is here fairly easily. This guide may not cover the particular settings or options that you use for MGSO, again I am sure you can adapt it to your configuration if you try.

We will be addressing a number of issues, many of which are described here:

My intention when writing this is only to make known to the community what my meandering has called forth from the abyss. I will neither take responsibility for the many issues concerning "Morrowind Overhaul - Sound and Graphics" nor will I become a martyr trying to answer limitless posts. I am, however, interested in what other issues (pertaining to MGSO) may have patches or fixes that I have missed. If you have any information that should be added here feel free to post it in the comments section or PM me with the information.

Please see the files section for the latest version. If you find this guide useful then endorse it!