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Moves Solstheim to the position it has on the Anthology map.

Permissions and credits
But what does it do?

Basically every official map, starting with the paper map shipped with the Morrowind Games of the Year edition up to the paper map shipped with The Elder Scrolls Anthology places the island of Solstheim roughly above Vvardenfell's north- western coast, with the southern tip slight above the southernmost Sheogorad islands.

This is a remarkable consistent location in a game series that regularly changes cities' names, disappears them or moves them around the map.
The only problem is that this is not where Solstheim is located in the game itself. It's too far to the west and south.
It becomes even more problematic as soon as the western landmass of Tamriel Rebuilt is considered - Solstheim almost blocks the harbor of    Baan Malur (Blacklight) and is a spitting distance from both Greenhold and Ystralond.
For an island that is considered a far-off backwater where legionnaries are sent as punishment, this is obviously nonsense.
Anthology Solstheim places the island where the maps up to the Anthology one agree it should be: 7 cells to the east, 6 cells to the north of its in-game position. In addition, the landscape changes of Bloodmoon Overhaul have been included (but not the meshes and textures as well as the changes to interior cells).

Isn't it terribly incompatible with everything?

Owing to the large-scale cell movement and internal Object Reference renumbering, Anthology Solstheim is basically incompatible with everything that touches Bloodmoon. If the mod in question is not in the list below, it is probably incompatible without patches/an edited version.
  • Less Generic Bloodmoon, but it must load after Anthology Solstheim.
  • The changes of the Unofficial Morrowind Patch that were overwritten by the cell changes have been carried forward (this includes dialogue changes). This means that the patch can be used without problems.

Patches/Edits available:
  • Tamriel Rebuilt Alpha Build 14.08 has landscaping issues in a single cell, a patch is located in the Extras folder.
  • Bloodmoon Overhaul's cell changes are fully incoporated, but the fixed meshes and textures are only available in the Bloodmoon Overhaul archive.
  • Well Diversified's changes to the Nord wells have been incorporated and a version which only changes the Vvardenfell wells is available.
  • The Bare Necessities Water Sources makes both Skaal wells drinkable. A patch is avilable for the two new wells. Since it's an esp and one esp cannot delete objects of one, there are two floating wells and need to be removed by hand if they get in the way.
  • The Neverhalls has a patch located in the Extras folder. Since the Neverhalls is an esp and one esp cannot override the files of another one, the objects added to cell -25/23 need to be removed by hand by editing The Neverhalls esp if they get in the way.
  • Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins has a patch located in the Extras folder. It modifies the exact same cell as The Neverhalls, so the same issues apply.
  • Vurt's Ground Coverhas an edited esp in the patch folder, so you can generate grass as usual.

Confirmed/Currently Incompatible:
  • Felsaad Revamped
  • Frostmoth Docks Expanded
  • Frostmoth Repaired
  • Frostmoth Update
  • New Hirstaang Forest
  • Solstheim Castle
  • Solstheim Lighthouse
  • Solstheim Mages Tower
  • The White Wolf of LoKKen
  • Tomb of the Snow Prince
  • ULS Solstheim    
  • Sea of Solstheim
Who is to blame for this mess?

The Elder Scrolls, Morrowind, etc. are property of Bethesda Softworks.

 As usual, I am standing on the shoulder of giants.
 Credits and thanks go to:

 Lightwave for TESFaith,
 Slartibartfast for Bloodmoon Overhaul,
 The countless people who made and improved the Unofficial Morrowind Patches,
 The Tamriel Rebuilt Team for Tamriel Rebuilt.