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Darknut's Armor textures: 1024 Version 1.1

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Darknut's Armor textures: 1024 Version 1.2

By Darknut   

Updated  3-24-2015

Fixed the Apha problem on
Removed the multible directories for easier installation.


This release is very high res versions of my previous Armor texures.

as before I did much more than just "sharpen" these textures look close & you will see detail that just wasn't there before.

In this release I reworked the Imperial Chainmail, Glass & fixed the Pauldrons on the Ebony (the vanilla MW nif was set to a green tint??)

The rest of the textures are the same as my previous release except they are higher resolution

This mod replaces all the default armor textures in Morrowind, Tribunal & Bloodmoon so back up your old ones.


Just copy to Morrowind\Data Files\Textures\

There is one mesh in this release ( A_Ebony_CL_Pauldron.nif ) & it goes in Data Files\Meshes\a\

Have fun.