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This is not my work i am merely uploading a mod that i had trouble finding. This is a popular version of AOF potions made by AnOldFriend.

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Drag contents of rar into data files directory. Check ESP in launcher. Consult readme for more details if necessary.

This version of AOF's Potion Replacer is an expansion of the work released by AnOldFriend3. It is primarily a cosmetic mod which replaces all of the game's magickal potions with new beautiful potions made with the skillful hands and creative imagination of AOF. In addition to AOF's previous work, this version includes different colored potions for the different schools of magicka (courtesy of Sister) and it re-positions (hopefully) all of the potions in the game to avoid clipping issues.

Specifically, this mod replaces potions that fall into the catagories of "spoiled, bargain, cheap, standard, quality, and exclusive" as well as a few others such as "cure" potions, unique potions, and home brewed potions. It does not replace liquors, empty bottles, etc.

This is not my work. This is only a reupload of Bycotes mod of an expanded version of AOF potions since Planet Elder Scrolls went down making this mod not as easily accessible