About this mod

This mod adds an estate-like player house to Ebonheart Comes with it's own story and quest, lots of lore and over 2600 placed objects/references!

Permissions and credits
My newest house mod brings you a small Estate called Seeblick. It is located outside of Ebonheart, right at the water.
It's a not too big 2 part house build in the imperial style. Here are the Features:

*Player House "Seeblick"

-Over 2600 placed objects/references
-Unique Items
-Your own NPC's: A smith, a guard, A bartender/cook, a farmer and a boat captain. All with services.
-Estate like building: A manor, fields, a dock with boats, staff quarter building
-Many many hidden things:
    -35 Hidden loot chests all over the place (Let me know how many you found ;) )
    -2 Hidden doors that can be activated with hidden levers
    -Hidden notes with Flavortext giving some background to the house
    -Hidden gems and valuables all around the place
    -A hidden room that should be a challenge to find.. Epic loot awaits!
    -A hidden grotto!
    -Master Bedroom
    -Storage Basement
    -Alchemy Laboratory
    -Veranda in beergarden style
    -No spoilers for hidden rooms but they extend the space of the house by quite a bit
    -Rooftop Laboratory
    -Technically another room: The staff quarters
-Lots of lore and flavourtexts in forms of journals and notes scattered in and around the house
-Scripted events (nothing fancy. Only messageboxes, buttons and area effects)
-Tried playing around with sounds a bit
-A quest that involves a "boss fight" and some rather valuable rewards.
-Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-like story with lots of quotes and parts of the original story scattered around
-Intertwined Npc stories
-Lots of Sorted storage space
-A Hidden Grotto

Notes: Unfortunately I still can't figure out how to do dialogue so I wrote most of the lore about NPC's and the house
in notes and books and put them all over the place. If this stuff interests you you can search for them all :)
The quest can only be done by looking around and finding hidden things! I won't spoil anything but the quest won't be done until
you find THE MASK. So if you haven't found that one there is obviously still stuff hidden ;)
There is also stuff hidden outside around the house and not only inside!
This mod is supposed to be played with moderate brightness settings. Mine are rather low but some things might be hard to find if you got it too dark
There are some quotes in this mod that are from Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde so obviously all respects go to that. I just didn't want to do the quotation
marks and stuff in ingame notes. I thought that might ruin immersion.
If anyone wants me to build them a house just tell me in the comments where and what kind of house you want!

Conflicts: Will probably conflict with mods that alter the landscape around Ebonheart!

Requirements: None

Installation: Extract the .esp file into your morrowind data folder and activate it using the launcher

Change Log:

Version 1.1 - English Compatibility Version - Cleans the mod of dirty references and junk cells, updates interior cells with path grids, and fixes a few bugs and typos.

Version 1.2 - Fixed some minor grid snap issues, fixed a few various floaters and bleeders, added North Markers, and fixed a handful of typos. Also added a framerate version of the mod for players running Morrowind on lower-end machines. This reduces the number of objects on the exterior of the house, and divides the interior into three parts.