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Adds a home for the NPC umbra but also for the player. Comes with its own lore, a quest and a dungeon.

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This mod focuses on the NPC umbra. I always loved that guy. But i felt bad for him because he's just standing out there in
the mountains, waiting to die. I always thought about giving him a little home to go back to at night after waiting all
day for someone to come by and kill him :P
This mod adds a cave at Umbra's position called Penumbra. It's his cave but if you follow his storyline and do what he wants you to do, you will find the key
on him. You are therefor (by my logic) the new owner of his cave. You can find Umbra's Journal inside wich features a little more flavor text to Umbra's story
and also initiates a quest! This quest features some platforming, simple puzzles (button finding :P) and some combat.
It's supposed to be dark and scary down there. Just saying. No spoilers but it should be hard to see the torches in the distance!
By completing the quest and by exploring you can aquire unique weapons and a shield and some valuables.
By looking around "down there" you can also find some backstory to the place!

*Player home "Penumbra"
-Detailed single room home for the NPC Umbra but also for the player
-Gives backstory to Umbra
-Has it's own lore
-Unique weapons and a shield
-A quest in a big dungeon for experienced players
-Sorted storage containers!
-Teleportation rings for quick access

Conflicts: non known. Might conflict with mods that alter Umbra

Notes: There are some things hidden.

Installation: Extract the .esp into your morrowind data folder