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Adds a cozy home just outside of Pelagiad. Features a horror inspired quest and lore.

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This mod adds a player house to Pelagiad. It can be found right at the town entrance.
It comes with it's own lore and a little quest. (I got myself into a bit of scripting :P)
The quest is horror inspired and rather sinister. It's nothing big but i tried
Look around the house to get clues!

*Player Home "Abendgold"
-6 detailed rooms
-Lots of sorted storage space
-Unique items and weapon
-A little quest!
-Unique enemies and NPC
-Scripted events (nothing spectacular!)

Notes: I won't spoil anything but if you encounter a place that is very dark, it is intended to be that way.
You should only be able to barely see lights in the distance. Of course you can always adjust brightness ingame if you want.
But it's spookier that way!
If you encounter that part of the house you should also have the volume turned up a bit!

There are teleportation rings in the windowsill near the dining table. They can be used to mark the house.

There are several journals scattered around the house. They tell a bit about the owner of the house.

Conflicts: will probably conflict with mods that alter the landscape in and around Pelagiad :/

Installation: Extract the .esp into your Morrowind Data folder

If anyone wants me to build them a house just let me know :)