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A well appointed player's home for sale.

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Because of the demise of PES I am now re-releasing it here. Originally released 2008
More Screenshots: lodge/

“The Wanderer’s Lodge”

It’s “BIG”...
It’s Beautiful...
It’s in a lovely location...
You just know you want it...

And if you have your own sailable ship...
Why... it even has its very own deepwater mooring.

But why is it so cheap !!!
Is there something you are not being told ???


The Short Story.
The property belonged to a wealthy sea captain who has been declared dead, lost at sea,
funny though that this should have occurred only shortly after he reported his wife missing.

His remaining family just want to sell the property off as seen.


Included in the download are three different locations for you to choose from.
But they are all the same both inside and out.

The Bay North West of Ebonheart:  wl_lodge_eb.esp
Ask about ‘for sell’ in the “Six Fishes” at Fort Ebonheart.

The Bay South West of Seyda Neen Lighthouse: wl_lodge_sn.esp or wl_lodge_snx.esp
Ask about ‘for sell’ in “Arrille's Tradehouse”.

Note – The snx version is a split cell house.

The Bay South of Vivec Telvanni canton: wl_lodge_vi.esp
Ask about ‘for sell’ in “The Lizards Head”.

Only actually use one though... using multiple at the same time will most likely have strange effects...


First an apology though for the size of this download for a house mod. 21 mb.

Here is a breakdown of the uncompressed content.
Textuers – 30 mb ; Meshes – 22 mb ; Bookart – 3.33 mb
Sounds – 183 kb ; Icons – 142 kb ; Esp’s – 1.6 mb

As you can see though this is more than just another house mod.
There are a lot of extras and new meshes, mine as well as other modders resources used in decoration. Some of their textures I have converted to DDS others have been left as is.

And judging by my poll posted on PES “When considering a house mod do you prefer...” it would seem most players prefer their house mods to be fully furnished and well dressed... So I’ve spent a lot longer on this than I had originally planned...

For those of you who prefer it only furnished or even unfurnished... sorry you’ll just have to go around and remove what you don’t want... or of course just don’t download it and find somewhere else to live :p

I’ve added many new items of my own creation, and borrowed heavily on many fantastic modders resources to make this a cosy home.

I hope you like the result.