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A nice house on a peninsula in Seyda Neen!
Includes a quest and over 1000 objects!

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Hello everyone!

My third mod features yet another player home.
The home is located on a peninsula in Seyda Neen, right at the water.
It's rather small but it has alot of features and secrets.

*Player home "Morgenrot"
-Detailed Interior with over 1100 individually placed and scaled objects
-Loooots of storage space
-Even more storage space that can be unlocked with a little quest
-Nice location with a little docks for a monthly supplyship
-A Toolshed with interior
-Kitchen and Dining room
-Living and Study Room
-Secret Dungeon!
-Own little lore being told by letters and journals

-Only used Vanilla Morrowind objects for compatibilities sake

I tried to make some use of every inch of interior to make a cozy small house that features everything you would need
The house comes with its own little quest that doesnt involve talking or travelling but just
looking around the house and reading stuff and searching for clues. Start it by looking around the docks!

-There are no cheat or god items in this mod, but because of decoration reasons there might be some objects with quite a high value.
To not break the game i'd advise you to just not take anything :)
-The quest will vastly expand the living and storage space of this house.
-I forgot to set a new active file when i made this house so this house also features another unfinished house in Suran.
It's a tower and can be found near the water. The interior isn't done yet but you can walk around and stuff.
-Unfortunately this mod is incompatible with my other mod Seyda Neen houseboat. Some of the landscape is clipping.You can still run both but
it might look odd at places. I'm still learning these things!
-Monsters that you might encounter might be a bit strong since i don't really know all about stats and that..

Conflicts: Might conflict with mods that alter the landscape of seyda neen. Especially behind the lighthouse.

Installation: Extract the .esp into the data files folder of your morrowind directory