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Adds a cozy houseboat and a cargo port to Seyda Neen.

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Hello everyone!

This is my second mod! My first one was Caldera Expansion. I wanted to
do a houseboat in Caldera but that turned out to be a bit of a problem
because of the water levels there. So i chose another one of my favourite settlements
in Morrowind, Seyda Neen.

This mod includes:

*Player home "Windsänger (Windsinger)

-Cozy boathouse in near the Lighthouse in Seyda Neen
-Detailed interior with lots of storage space
-4 Rooms: Kitchen, Dining/Bar/Lobby, Reading Lounge and a Bedroom!
-Secret Room (Very tiny)
-Your own Bartender who also buys all your clutter

*A cargo port at the boat with a dock and Decorations
(First step in my project Seyda Neen Expansion)

(You can find referenced to my other mod Caldera Expansion inside the boat. You can still play
both seperately, it's not intertwined with a quest or anything!)

Note: You will have to find another way inside the boat since the doors are locked! Once inside you can search for a key. It must be around somewhere!

Conflicts: -This mod might conflict with any mod that alters the landscape of Seyda Neen.
       -Some decoration might not fit in (color of Cushions f.e.) Since i use different textures.

Installation: Just extract the .esp file into your Data Files Folder in your Morrowind folder and activate it using the launcher