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Bug fixed OpenMW version of andoreth's Advanced Herbalism mod for Mowwowind and both extentions.

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Advanced Herbalism 1.2 OpenMW versionChangesThere were a couple of script errors that were fatal in OpenMW engine but ignored in Bethesda's engine, in any case the mod could never have completly worked as expected. As I have been unable to contact andoreth for 3 months I have corrected the errors and released an OpenMW vesion. In theory changing the extention to esp will allow it to work on the original engine but I cannot test that as I do not use windows.This mod makes 3 major changes to the game.1.) In the tradition of all of the "Herbalism" mods, plant containers have been changed so that they are no longer "opened", like a chest. Instead, when you activate a plant, its ingredients (if any) are placed directly into your inventory. Then, the plant is deactivated (and disappears) until it is ready to be picked again.2.) There is now a new skill called "Herbalism". This skill determines the player's ability to successfully pick plants and retrieve ingredients. At first, there is a good chance that plants will be harmed when you try to harvest them and provide no ingredients. After training and practicing in Herbalism for a while, not only will harvesting be more successful, but the plants themselves will become more productive. The player will have a chance to gain double or triple ingredients from a plant.3.) There is a chance to find seeds in plants when you pick them. These seeds can be planted anywhere, and they will grow new plants that can then be harvested for ingredients (and occasionally new seeds). With a little patience, anyone can grow anything from a beautiful garden to a profitable plantation.

All credit goes to andoreth for the original mod.